Using Libraries

To simplify development of the projects or components model BondSim contains a library of the projects and component models. They are held in the library part of the workspace, separate from the ordinary projects. For the user convenience they are listed in Library tab on the left side of Modeling and Simulation Environment. The content of the library is shown below on the left.
Contents of library                            Library drop-down menu
Using Libraries                         Using Libraries

It contains four branches: Projects, Components, Electrical and Mechanical Components. In the figure above on the left the Project branch was expanded and there are the number of the projects from different branches of engineering. Similarly, the component branches contain the complete components models. 

To access a project we right-click on the project we are interested in as shown in the figure above on the right. A menu drops down showing several commands that we can use.

If we select Open command, the right-clicked project opens in the central parts of the frame as any other project. The only difference is that the library projects is in the read-only mode, and thus cannot be edited. We can walk freely along its model tree to overview it. When finished we close the root document (in the central window or in the model tree).

We may delete any project by Delete command. The project is not deleted right away, but is moved into Waste Bin (similarly to Windows Recycle Bin) from which it can be recovered back, or removed completely.

Finally, we can select Copy to the Workspace, which creates a copy of the project and store it into the model workspace. During this operation a complete new model tree is created as a clone of the original library project model tree. We can access this new project by Open command in the Project menu and edit it as we wish, or apply the other operations. 

There are three groups of the library components. The first are the components created in the standard component form, e.g.  2D and 3D multibody component models. There are also more specialized electrical and mechanical components. The component could be opened for overviewing or deleted by right clicking similarly as with the projects. We do not, however, can copy them into the workspace; instead the components can be dragged and dropped directly into the document window.  This is illustrated in the figure below in which the complete model of a diode is dragged and dropped into a document. This operation makes a clone of the library component and inserts it into the document at the selected place. 

Dragging and dropping of a library component
Using LibrariesThere is one more command in the drop-down menu – Repair. This command serves to repair the library workspace. These commands in addition to the workspace restore operation enables also recovery of the originally installed library projects or components that we lost, e.g. removed from the system.