Modeling and Simulation Environment

The BondSim can be freely downloaded from this web site and installed on your computer. It supports the Windows operating systems - Windows 7, 8.1, 10. After installing the BondSim can be started by double-clicking its shortcut icon on the desktop. It can be also started by clicking the Start button on the taskbar (and All Programs in Window 7). In the start menu that opens, we expand BondSim folder and click the shortcut icon of the installed application. It is also possible to pin BondSim to taskbar by right-clicking the shortcut on the desktop and from the dropped down menu selecting Pin to taskbar command. We may then start BondSim simply by clicking the taskbar icon.

When BondSim starts the main program window frame opens (see the figure below). It represents the modeling and simulation environment with the program title at the top, and a menu bar that lists the commands that can be used. There is also a toolbar with short-cut buttons of the often used commands.

The main window area is divided into four main parts. In the middle is a large central area where tabbed document windows are opened in which the models are developed. On the left are two tabbed windows containing Models view and Models library. The first serves to show the model structure of the current modeling project. The models library enables easy access to ready to use projects and component models.

On the right hand side we can see two other windows, which contain Editing and Template tool boxes. These boxes contain tools that are used for creation of the component models using drag and drop technique. Finally, at the bottom is an area which is used for displaying the messages that are sent during the model building, simulation runs or the program database repair.

BondSim main frame
Modeling and Simulation Environment