PUMA 560

PumaThe PUMA 560 (Programmable Universal Machine for Assembly) is the industrial robot arm developed by Victor Scheinman at pioneering robot company Unimation and released in 1978. It is perhaps one of best known robots ever manufactured and was subject of the researches both in the academic institutions and industry. The picture on the left shows Puma 560 in the initial pose as generated by BondSim3DVisual.

Puma560 ProjectThe dynamical model (left picture) of PUMA 560 robot was developed by BondSim and is based on the published geometry and dynamical parameters of the robot. It shows the main components the robot system consist of. Its 3D visualization was developed by BondSim3DVisual program. Using the IPC pipe component (in form of a red ring) BondSim drives the Puma 3D model in the virtual scene as shown below. Simultaneously, it generates the time plots of the robot joint angles (see below). The video shown was generated also by BondSim3DVisual program to show the robot motion during the simulation.